Businesses asked to help save threatened animal sanctuary


Businesses are being asked for urgent help to save a closure-threatened animal sanctuary.

Time and money are running out for All Creatures Great and Small, based near Cwmbran.

Now, businesses are being asked to adopt the cause to save the sanctuary from closure, and allow the animals being cared for to remain there.

Spokeswoman Heather Short said: “This is a serious S.O.S appeal for All Creatures Great and Small. The sanctuary has grown over the years and so have the running costs.

“Without support, it is feared that All Creatures will be no more. It has always been difficult keeping afloat, relying on the kindness of the public. We have always had some pretty special supporters and understand that people’s income has dwindled with these austere times.

“So we are asking people to spare £1.25 per week to save us. With your support, we can continue, without it the unspeakable will happen.”

Businesses are being asked to give whatever they can. Some animals like Trevor one of the sanctuary’s farm cats can’t be rehomed as he cannot be house-trained.

Ms Short said: “He has a special and safe home with us, we understand him and love him. What would happen to Trevor if the sanctuary closed?

“What would happen to Faith, our dear resident pig? She has arthritis and receives medication. This is her home, she knows our voices, loves having her tummy rubbed and her back scratched. We cannot contemplate what would happen to her.

“Chelsea our beautiful horse has Cushing’s Disease and receives daily medication which is expensive, nobody would want her.

“A lot of the creatures here hold sad stories, we want to continue to improve their lives with a good diet, cosy bed, veterinary care and, of course, lots of TLC.

“Our three new pigs Ruby, Rosy and Rebecca had nearly starved to death after their owner died. They have required large amounts of food to rebuild their bodies which of course is costly.”

Another cat, Luna, may well have to have her ear removed because of cancer, and the sanctuary has to raise funds for the vet bills.

Businesses able to help are asked to download a standing order form or send a cheque made payable to All Creatures Great and Small. Please visit the website for more details:

Businesses and individuals can also donate online by clicking the following link:


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