Want a Star Wars wedding? Former registrar’s new business will help you celebrate


If you’d like a hand-fasting, a zombie-themed wedding, a non-religious naming ceremony, or a non-religious funeral, you need a celebrant who will help make your day reflect your personality.

For former registrar Jane Grayer (pictured above), the desire to give people the individual ceremonies they need is the reason she set up her small business, Create Ceremonies.

Monmouthshire-based Jane, 50, carries out weddings and commitment ceremonies, funerals, and naming and family ceremonies.

Recently, she created a special ceremony to mark the adoption of a child.

“It was a lovely day,” says the former stage manager and charity worker.

“I haven’t heard of anyone else creating ceremonies like that for when adoption becomes legal and the process in the courts has ended.

“The ceremony marked a welcoming of the child into the family.”

Supportive adults were chosen – a non-religious version of god-parents. They help and support a child throughout their life.

“I thoroughly enjoyed my four years as a registrar, but registrars are bound by the law. For example, they can only carry out a ceremony in a permanent structure with walls and a roof,” Jane says.

“Now, I can offer ceremonies outdoors, or in places which haven’t been licensed for marriage such as a number of castles in Wales.

“The couple would have to legally have a Register Office ceremony too, but some people like to have their own ceremonies afterwards in places which are special to them, or in different ways. They can write their own vows, and make their commitment in their own way.”

In an era of blended families, non-traditional ceremonies can help create special roles for those who would not necessarily take a major role in a traditional wedding, like step-parents and step-siblings.

People feel increasingly confident to ask for something different for their family ceremonies, Jane says. Her clients come from all faiths and no faith.

Some of the commitment ceremonies she offers are perfect for those who want to show their commitment without having a legal marriage – such as hand-fasting and broom jumping.

Jane, a member of the UK Society of Celebrants, gets to know her clients and their personalities and offers them a bespoke and personalized service.

As more people ask for non-religious funerals, Jane also works with the families to create ceremonies which reflect the life of the person they have lost.

She also creates non-religious baby naming ceremonies for parents who prefer to welcome their child into their family without a traditional christening ceremony.

Jane, who lives with her husband and two teenage sons in Monmouthshire, carries out ceremonies across South Wales.

To find out more about Jane’s work, go to www.createceremonies.co.uk. Or you can call 07733 201158.

Do you have an unusual business you’d like us to feature on this blog? Email maria@wordsyoucanuse.co.uk




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